Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pawn Shops

Jerry Childers was a guitar picking friend who worked in a pawn shop. One day he decided to leave our band, quit the pawn business, move back to his home town, get married, and become a mailman. As far as I know, that was what he did because I never saw him again.

Before he left town, he sold his Gibson Trini Lopez and introduced me to the owner of the pawn shop and recommended that I take his place. That was the beginning of my pawnbroker career and a steep education curve. I became the local "expert" on musical instruments and cameras.

That is why I enjoy watching "Pawn Stars" and "Cajun Pawn" on the History Channel so much. Actually real life at Doug's Pawn Shop would have made a better TV show because of all of the bazaar things that happened there. I am also pretty sure that these "reality" shows are mellowed out a lot to make them palatable for TV viewers. A television show could never match the real life adventures that happen in places like auctions, pawn shops, and touring rock bands. Most people wouldn't believe it anyway. I know, I've done all those things.