Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The other day some friends stopped by for coffee in the middle of their bicycle ride. They commented that the two miles from their house was quite a ride. Since I have ridden over 100 miles in a day on more than one occasion, I was not too sympathetic. When they left I noticed that they were riding “Cruiser” bikes, the kind with fat tires, wide soft seats, flat handlebars, and not very many gears.

My bicycle is not exactly the newest technology, but it does have narrow tires to reduce rolling resistance, drop handle bars for better weight distribution and better aerodynamics, a narrow seat that is actually more comfortable in the long run, and 12-speeds for hills.

I figured there might be a life lesson here. Sometimes the comfortable way is not the best way. Like pedaling a heavy cushy bike compared to a light responsive bicycle, taking the easy way out may result in a lot less satisfaction in the end. God never intended for us to be comfortable all the time. He expects us to attack life with gusto. That Lazy-Boy chair and big screen TV may be barriers to a contented and satisfying life. We need to stretch ourselves and maybe go for what looks like a little discomfort. It may be that, like that dropped handlebar, skinny-tire bicycle; it is a whole lot more satisfying in the long run.