Thursday, July 17, 2008


We have become so accustomed to seeing the world through predetermined shapes that we forget that there are no preset shapes in art. We are used to the format of a television set or a magazine page and assume that our photographs should be 8X10 or 4x6 inches or whatever.

Photographs can be round, oval, or about any shape you like. I have always been drawn to long skinny pictures myself, and began using extreme wide-angle cameras about thirty years ago.
The next time you are trying to see something in a new way, forget about the 3:4 ratio box and think about a long box.

My primary business is people pictures, but I am also one of the few photographers with a lot of experience and affinity for panoramics. My definition of panoramic is a view greater than what the human eye can see, which is about 90 degrees.