Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Keith Richards once commented that you can't play rock and roll with a guitar that looks like your parents just bought it for you for Christmas. That comment fueled the demand for vintage guitars. As prices soared and the supply dried up, people started buying new guitars and beating them with chains and sanding down the finish to make them look old and beat up. Soon the manufacturers got into the game and started selling "Relic" guitars, new guitars that came from the factory already beat up and worn.

This seems right in line with pre-ripped jeans and new scruffy looking jackets. To those of us who throw away our old and ripped jeans and carefully polish our guitars after each gig, this seems kind of bizarre.

Now I am seeing apps that make your photos look like poorly processed film from the sixties. I spent most of my photography career trying to minimize grain, trying to keep highlights from blowing out, and shadows from blocking up. Now that look is in style along with beat up guitars and ripped up jeans.

I have to admit, however, a certain appeal of "Rat Rods." These are cars that look like that were put together from a few old junk yard parts for nothing, when in reality they costs tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to build.

Could the automobile manufacturers start building pre-wrecked cars and home builders start building homes that look like they were already hit by a hurricane? Remember you saw it here first.

However, if you see me out on a photography job, I probably got there in a shiny new car and I will be using a new camera with the latest technology. Just saying.