Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Money or People

Money or People?
When I worked in retail many years ago, I quickly learned that there were regular decisions about whether to sell the customer a product that was best for them or one that made the most money for the store. I learned that selling them what they wanted or needed resulted in happy customers and a long term relationships.

Later when I owned my own business, we decided to always put the customer first and know that the money would take care of itself. That was a strategy that kept us satisfied with our business for many years.

It seems that the further management is from the customer, the more likely they are to make decisions based on short term financial gain, rather than long term relationships.
Jesus said, "You cannot serve both God and money." He implied that there was a decision to be made, a priority that has to be set. We want to make it clear that one way we serve God is by serving people.

Business people have a clear choice because serving people and making money are pretty much related by cause and effect. When I visit online business forums my comments are always along the lines of giving people what they want or need, or serve the client first, then figure out how to make it profitable.

In my photography business, the first priority is to figure out what the customer wants, then set pricing that is fair and reasonable to everyone.